Capes for boats

Capes for boats are fundamental pieces for all the boats, since they are used for mooring or anchoring. This is why it is always important to buy the best quality ropes, since they are the ones used to keep the boat attached to the dock. In case you are looking for a boat line you should only visit the easy navigational website.

This web portal specializes in having nautical products of the best quality in the market. This is because they only sell with the best European brands. It is important to note that each of these products has a 2-year warranty.

Characteristics of capes 

Among the capes we can find ropes that are made with gauze and has a thickness of 16mm and 7 meters. It is made with a resistant material and allows to hold the boat of the spaces that are necessary to keep the boat fixed in a place of the dock.

They also sell ropes for boats of 30 meters that have 2 meters or more of galvanized chain of 6mm. This type of rope has two shackles that allow the chain to be attached to the rope or anchor, as desired.

Both products are excellent for moorings and moorings, as they have safe materials, and they also have a long lifespan. What is ideal for the owner of the boats to avoid having to constantly change the ends of the boat.

Shipments in a short time

Shipments are made within a period of 7 business days. It is important to confirm the payment of your product so that the delivery of the product begins to run. has its headquarters in Madrid, ​​however, this nautical company makes shipments throughout Europe. In case the product received does not meet the requirements for the boat, you can make the return completely free.

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