Nautical diluents

Regarding the care of your boat is concerned, you should always have at your fingertips all those items necessary for the conservation and maintenance of it is always the best. Everything you use must be of quality, from painting to the water thinners and one of the most currently recommended in the solvent Venezian .

Nautical diluents – Veneziani solvent

The Veneziani solvent is characterized by having the ability to dissolve enamels of 1 and up to two components in the case of spray applications. On the other hand, it is important to mention that it has been specially developed to dissolve various types of nautical paints, in addition to being formulated for Epoxy, Aquastop, Epomast Pro, Epomast, Subcoats, Resin 2000, Ecoplast, Ceramite, Adherpox.

It is possible to acquire this type of diluent nautical Dissolvent Veneziani in various presentations according to the needs and possibilities you have. One of the most requested is the 6700 in presentation of 0.50 liters because it yields much more and is suitable for the amount of paint you need to dissolve at a given time.

Its use is ideal because it contains properties that make it possible to avoid cracks and incrustations on your boat, sailboat or boat. When you need to paint your boat achieving a smooth and well-defined coat, the best option you can use is the acquisition of nautical thinners Dissolvent Veneziani since this type of nautical accessory helps improve the extension of the paint once applied and increases also the absorption in the substrate.

With this type of accessory, it is much easier to achieve a better finish because by diluting the paint on it, the performance is much higher and it is even much easier to work the paint because it acquires a cold environment.

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