Rent a Catamaran Lagoon 440 in Ibiza

Ibiza is one of the favorite destinations for tourists, this is because this beautiful island offers a diversity of landscapes. Both its residents and the people who come from the outside do the boat rental in ibiza to go out and explore the waters of the Mediterranean, some even to practice water sports such as Flyboarding or Surfing. Actually there are many activities that you can do on this beautiful island accompanied by your family or friends.

Sailboat for rent Lagoon 440 in Ibiza

If you want to make the boat rental in ibiza to go sailing and tour the Mediterranean Sea we can recommend one of the best boats, it is the Lagoon 440, this beautiful catamaran is known for its good behavior at sea, for maintaining stability and for its convenience, it is perfect for large families, even to celebrate birthdays or bachelor parties, measures 13.96 meters in length and has a capacity for 12 people, you can stay two families on a boat like this. Inside it is distributed as follows:

4 main cabins, each cabin has bedding, towels, blankets and hair dryer.

1 small cabin in each hull, in addition to the main ones.

8 main bunk beds and 4 additional bunk beds in the small cabins.

4 bathrooms with hot water to satisfy the tastes of each crew member and electric toilet in each bathroom.

The structure that joins the 2 helmets is distributed in a living room and the kitchen, which is fully equipped with the necessary utensils for cooking, in addition to bringing; electric refrigerator, kitchen towels and oven.

The Lagoon 440 comes equipped with a Dinghy with outboard motor, diving equipment, fishing equipment, kayak and tender. All these complements to make your trip a pleasant trip, since you will have the necessary elements to do different activities with your family or friends.

Navigation equipment such as: flag, barometer, compass, echo probes, among others. Necessary to maintain the good operation and communication of the sailboat.

The safety of the crew is important, therefore the Lagoon 440 is equipped with the best security system, which goes from the liferaft, the life jacket, the rocket box to the fire extinguisher.

The boat rental in ibiza is easy and safe if you do it with us, you just have to make your reservation through the web and follow the instructions that we will be sending you.

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